Monday, August 23, 2010

Ruthie's Watermelon!

August Update!

Jacks pumpkin patch is bigger than him! We obviously went a little heavy on the seeds and didn't thin anything out. But, I am excited to see where it goes! Ruthie has had great success with her watermelons. Rachel's garden is full of beans, chives, and carrots; hopefully, her canteloupes will catch up. Jason and I have yummy lettuces and tomatoes.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Day

This week I impressed Jason with my mad weeding skills. He thinks I only have shopping skills, but I am hiding all sorts of skills under this facade. I popped into my sweet Aunt Pat and Uncle Paul's on Saturday while we were down riding in Spanish. You just gotta love those two! They adore their family and are so proud of all of their children and grandchildren's accomplishments. They have a fun family and they know how to work hard. I really admire them and I love their raspberries they grow! They are exquisitely delicious. They were so generous and dug me up a bunch of starts for our yard. Jason was sure to plant them for me first thing when I got home. Raspberries are my favorite fruit and we are hopeful to get some soon! Our cucumber starts were murdered and some of our tomatoes may have fallen victim as well. Hopefully we can get our act together and end up with some goodies for the garden. Jason's lettuce, carrots, and onions look great!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Family Project: A GARDEN

This year our family has each selected a box in our garden. We used to design the plans so that our individual box is tailored to our taste buds. We have gone to Utah State University extension center website and printed out the lists of veggies that grow best in our region and are carefully hunting down the seeds out of catologs. It is quite an exciting time around here. I am nervous that we are taking on a little too much and should maybe just simplify, but that is not really how Jason and I go about things! If we can water it this year, then we will have already surpassed last year! Jason is trying out seed germinating in the basement. We have special lights and are creating a grow room to start our plants indoors. No we are not growing any special cash crops that could land us in a DEA investigation. We are creating a beautiful organic garden to feed our family from and nourish body and soul. Nothing is more delicious than spending time with your family and eating garden fresh goodies. May 2010 bring a bountiful harvest!